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Today at The Tree Farm
Pick-Your-Own Vegetables and Flowers

Dane County, Wisconsin

The Tree Farm is Open. Hours today are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

For picking today

This morning would be a good time to pick okra. Don't wait until it is all gone! Okra

For picking today
Vegetable Remarks
Basil Sweet basil, Thai basil and purple basil. Excellent supply and quality.
Beans Green snap beansy. Selective picking may ise needed to assure good quality. Long pods and processing types both available.
Beets Plenty of nice young beets of all sizes. These beets are sweet! And the beet greens are still young, tender and tasty.
Bittermelon AKA bitter gourd. Modest supply, slow to very slow picking. The plants are just beginning to bear.
Broccoli Excellent quality, modest supply.
Cabbage The earliest variety of green cabbage and a few heads of red cabbage are ready to pick. Please wait for cabbage for kraut.
Cucumbers, pickling We have a moderately good supply of pickling cukes today. Picking should be good. All sizes.
Cucuzzi or pale green snake gourd Just beginning to bear. Supply may be limited.
Dill Dill weed and headed dill (flower stage). Good supply and quality.
Eggplant A few of the long slender Asian type eggplants are ready to pick. Please wait for other types.
Flowers to cut Yarrow, lavender, daisies, rudbeckia, ageratum, marigolds, celosia, snapdragons, zinnias, and many other flowers are ready to cut. A few sunflowers are ready to cut.
Green onions Plenty of nice green onions.
Honey Three pound jars of locally grown honey.
Honey, comb Twelve ounce squares. Locally grown.
Kale Excellent supply of nice kale.
Kohl-rabi Plenty of medium to large kohl-rabis. Excellent flavor.
Lemon grass Excellent supply and quality.
Lovage The herb for seasoning soups and stews.
Mint Spearmint and chocolate mint. Excellent supply and quality.
New Potatoes White potatoes. Small, sweet and pricy. That great new potato flavor.
Okra Supplies are good as we start the day. Relatively fast picking.
Oregano Use it fresh or dry it for your own spice collection.
Parsley Good supply of nice parsley. Flat leaf type.
Peppers, sweet Moderately good supplies of European stuffing peppers and somewhat limited supplies of purple and green bell peppers are ready to pick.
Popcorn From storage
Salad greens Grand Rapids and romaine lettuce.
Swiss chard Young Swiss chard. Excellent supply and quality, The right stage to add to your salad mix.
Zucchini Plenty of zucchini, crookneck squash and Mediterranean zucchini of all sizes.

Open Wed, Thurs, Fri 9-12 and 3:30-7:30
Sat and Sun 9-5
When you pick it, you know it's fresh

Please bring your own containers.

Cash or check please. No Plastic.

The Tree Farm
The Pick-your-own Vegetables Place

In Northwestern Dane County, Wisconsin, serving Madison and the surrounding area
8454 St. Rd. 19
Cross Plains, WI 53528

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