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Today at The Tree Farm
Pick-Your-Own Vegetables and Flowers
Dane County, Wisconsin

Spring vegetables and flowers are sold by appointment.

Call 608 798 2286 or email

We expect to keep regular hours starting about July first

Parsnips! They have waited in frozen ground under the snow all winter. Now they are mobilizing sugar for a burst of growth. Harvested now, before there is much growth they have optimum flavor and sweetness. We sell spring vegetables by appointment. Call 608 798 2286 or email for appointments. Parsnip being dug in the spring

Vegetable Remarks
Parsnips Parsnips flavor and sweetness is at its peak in the spring soon after the frost has left the soil. Good supply and excellent spring quality.
Popcorn Pre-picked at check out. Yellow, red and blue varieties available.

When you pick it, you know it's fresh

Please bring your own containers.

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In Northwestern Dane County, Wisconsin, serving Madison and the surrounding area
8454 Highway 19
Cross Plains, WI 53528

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